EWC Support Team Update


We are delighted to announce three new appointments to the Global Initiative to End Wildlife Crime (EWC); a new EWC policy officer and two new interns.


Our new appointees will support EWC in its efforts to encourage States to fill serious gaps in international and national law by advocating for and offering technical support towards the:

a) creation of an additional protocol covering wildlife trafficking under the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organised Crime;
b) full implementation of United Nations resolutions on tackling illicit wildlife trafficking;
c) inclusion of public health and animal health criteria in relevant international conventions and processes, including through the development and implementation of a robust Pandemic Agreement; and
d) adoption of measures at national level to minimise the risk of pathogen spillover at source (primary prevention).


Ana Motamayor

Ana joins the EWC team as its new Policy Officer. Ana was born and raised in Venezuela, has lived in Mexico and Norway, and is currently based in the Netherlands. She worked at the Wildlife Justice Commission (WJC) – one the EWC’s founding Champions, from 2021-2024, most recently as External Relations Officer, where she supported the WJC’s work at the Council of Europe, UN Crime Commission (CCPCJ), UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (UNTOC) and UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). Her previous work with the WJC included inputting data into the WJC intelligence data base and assisting a Senior Intelligence Analyst with an active investigation. She has a Master’s degree in Public International Law from Utrecht University, with a specialization in environmental law and the Law of the Sea. Ana is fluent in Spanish, English and Norwegian. Ana will start on 29 July and can be reached by email at ana@endwildlifecrime.org.


Emma Hansson

Emma joins the EWC team as an intern. Emma is from Falun, a small city in Sweden. She has two bachelors degrees, in criminology and psychology, from several universities in Sweden. She also worked as a correctional officer in Sweden from 2020-2023. In 2022 Emma moved to the Netherlands for her master’s in Global Criminology at the Utrecht University, where she specifically focused on environmental crimes, specialising in green criminology and crimes of the powerful. She will combine this internship with another internship where she works on corporate sustainability. Emma speaks Swedish and English fluently and is currently working on Dutch, while maintaining her basic knowledge of Spanish. Emma will start on 6 July and can be reached by email at emma@endwildlifecrime.org.

Amanda Pereira

Amanda joins the EWC team as an intern, with a focus on supporting EWC at UNTOC – CoP16 in October. Amanda was born in Brazil, completed her BA degree in International Relations, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in International Public Affairs at Central European University in Vienna, Austria. She interned at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil, specializing in anti-money laundering, counter financing of terrorism, and counter-proliferation financing and has contributed to Brazil’s evaluations for the UNCAC, the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, and the GAFI/FATF assessment. Amanda is fluent in Portuguese and English, with intermediate proficiency in French and Spanish. Amanda will start on 2 September and can be reached by email at amanda@endwildlifecrime.org.


EWC thanks Alice Pasqualato for her contribution towards its work over the past three years and wishes her well in her new role.